Soil Testing 101

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A soil test should be taken before you plant your trees and shrubs.  Soil testing is often overlooked, but is a key factor in determining how well your plants will take in the nutrients from the soil.  Testing is a simple process.  Your local Cooperative Extension System has boxes to put your sample in and instructions on how to collect the sample.  The following is a link to the Alabama Cooperative Extension System:

Featured Tree: Bow Hunter Pear

Archery season began in Alabama on October 15th, so it is the perfect time to talk about our Bow Hunter Pear.  This pear has been selected for the drop time of its fruit.  Bow Hunter Pears begin dropping in late October thru November.  In addition to drop time, the Bow Hunter Pear is the best fresh-eating pear we have.  It does not have a gritty texture and will continue to soften as it hangs on the tree.

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If you are interested in purchasing our bare-root trees, we encourage you to pre-book your orders. The bare-root trees are grown in the field and dug when trees are dormant.  This means they will be ready to deliver toward the end of February.  Pre-booking will result in cheaper shipping costs and a full inventory to choose from.  The deadline for pre-booking is November 15, 2012, and you may submit your order via the website or by emailing Skye to discuss your order.

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