Everblooming Chestnut


Everblooming Chestnut for deer
Everblooming Chestnut for deer

Everblooming Chestnut


This precocious chestnut often produces multiple crops of small (1/4″-3/4″) nuts as early as the 2nd year of growth. Like the Chinese chestnut, deer absolutely love these sweet nutritious nuts, which are also small enough for turkeys to utilize readily. Because of its propensity for sequential nut sets, this tree has a long drop period. It has a dwarfy stature (15-20 ft), so some pruning is necessary to speed formation of tree shape. As with all other chestnuts, plant at least 2 (3 is better) per location to insure pollination.

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Castanea seguinii

  • Habitat: adaptable to most well-drained acidic soils, very tolerant to draught once established. Yields best in full sun, but will tolerate light shade
  • Drop Time: typically late September thru November
  • Zone: 7-9 (click here to see Zone Map)
Common Names

chinese chinquapin, seguin chestnut

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Die-back is often observed due to its rapid growth tip, but has little impact on yield or overall growth.

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