Fall is Finally Here

crabapples for deer

The temperature has cooled down, and the leaves are starting to turn. Now is the perfect time to plan your winter tree plantings. When you plant fruit or nut bearing trees, such as oaks, you provide a perennial food source that will continue to attract wildlife year after year.

Featured Tree: Crabapples

The Southern Crabapple is one of our most common, native, fruit bearing trees. Crabapples are an excellent source of nutrition for whitetail deer and other wildlife. The pictures below (taken Sept. 5th) show the distinction between fruit drop of a native (Southern) crabapple and our selected variety, the Sanctuary Crabapple. The native varieties have started to drop fruit and cover the ground. Our Sanctuary Crabapples, on the other hand, have been selected to drop fruit later than the native variety, and still have clusters of fruits hanging on the branches.

Sanctuary Crabapple Characteristics
  • This is the latest, heaviest-bearing crabapple we have encountered. Produces large (2″-3″) fruit.
  • Drop time extends until Mid-November. It is an excellent selection for both archery & gun hunters
Sanctuary Crabapple Photos
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